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GIVING TREE – Social Outreach

Some of the people we serve via our program! They were very grateful for every gesture for the assistance that is provided to them. We are extremely grateful for your generosity and kindness. It is through your constant efforts that we are able to serve our community!

GIVING TREE – Made this possible for many of the families that our program serves

Some families are camera shy and we respect their privacy! We are here to serve and help these difficult times a little bit easier. They were very grateful to the staff who served them. We are very GRATEFUL to all of you who contributed to the Giving Tree program this year!

Giving Tree – Epiphany Program

The Epiphany program was dedicated to the children of our parish/school community. More picture will follow soon for this portion. To see the children’s smiles was a blessing despite the masks they were very excited for the gifts cards given. We are even more grateful to everyone who contributed to the program, donated their time to coordinate the receipt of the gifts and everyone who in one way or another helped make the Giving Tree possible and successful! (More pictures for this program will be posted next week!)

Family Food Assistance Program-St. Matthias Food Pantry Summer Help

St. Matthias Parish Festival – September 21, 2019

Bishop Neil Tiedemann, Pastor of St. Matthias RC Church & Ms. Maria Cuomo, Principal of St. Matthias Catholic Academy – Parish Festival 2019

St. Matthias Parish Festival – September 22, 2018


Photo credits – Judith Azcona & Norma Morales