English Baptisms are the 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month at 12:30 PM

Polish Baptisms are the 2nd Saturday of every month at 12:30 PM

Spanish Baptisms are the 4th Saturday of every month at 12:30 PM

Please call the rectory at (718) 821-6447 to arrange an appointment and instructions. Bring the child's birth certificate to the appointment and the Godparents names. Parents and Godparents are required to attend a baptismal instruction class prior to the celebration. Guideline for eligibility of Godparents is listed below.


Requirements for Godparent/Sponsor:

-must bring a sponsor certificate from their parish indicating that they are practicing Catholics.

-must be a baptized Catholic

-has received both Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation

-is at least 16 years of age,

-must attend Mass ALL Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation

-observe the laws of the Church concerning marriage (no civil marriage)

-is NOT the child's parent (biological or adoptive) or grandparent.

Eucharist/First Holy Communion

Catholics observe a discipline of refraining from food and drink at least one hour before Holy Communion, which they do not receive while consciously in a state of mortal sin.


For arrangement and pre-marriage instruction, call the Parish Office at least nine months prior  to scheduling wedding date. Things you will need:

-updated baptism certificate (6 months before wedding date)

-Confirmation certificate

-Freedom to marry form- need 2 witnesses for each person (priest will provide you with the form)

-get marriage license at City Clerk Office (1 month before wedding)

-payment for Church is 1 month before wedding

-register for Pre-Cana: Office of Faith Formation Marriage Ministry - Located at 310 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215, Telephone #718-281-9540, Email:, Website:

R.C.I.A -Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults/Children

The R.C.I.A journey of faith prepares candidates for initiation into the Catholic Church. Non-Catholics and Catholics who have not received the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation should call the Parish Office at (718) 821-6447 to learn about and enroll in the R.C.I.A Program.